Kit Likwid aka Nancye, started as an ice skater who wanted to cut her own songs for her competition routines. She started with a dual tape deck recorder, and cut the music with the pause buttons until there was a seamless take between 1 to 2 minutes long. Then, she continued on by making rough mix tapes of her favorite music.

In 1992, Kit Likwid got off a school bus to a group of girls ready to pick on her until she fought them. A large man ran out of his apartment just before the fight got dangerous, and picked up Kit by the shoulders and threw her into his apartment. This man said to Kit, "Instead of talking yourself into a fight, why don't you do something they can't to earn their respect?" He turned her around to a set of turntables, and gave her 8 days of dj lessons on how to chop and screw. After the lessons, Kit never saw this man face-to-face again, nor did she know him by any other name than Rob.

Kit snuck out of the house night after night choppin and screwin garage parties on a friend's turntables. Thus began the liftoff...

In 1994, Kit walked into her first rave, and heard the most enormous and addictive basslines ever. She ran to the dj and watched every move that he made. She watched Dj Dara until he complimented her on her Ireland soccer jersey. It was decided, Kit had to get her own tables. She inheirited one turntable from a friend, Barry Feldt, and found a match in a pawn shop.

Kit danced her way into the scene, and began playing after parties, sometimes Wednesday through Sunday.

In 1996, Tattoo Dan and Dj Bizz gave Kit her 1st public gig at the Orbit Room. She bombed horribly, but learned many lessons that a bedroom dj has to overcome. None-the-less, Kit continued on to play events with almost every world renowned dj that came through Houston.

In 2000, Kit saw a news report with face of the man who had given her those first eight dj lessons. The dj she hardly knew passed away. Kit keeps the name of the dj quiet as not to ride on the fame of a dj who is no longer living. Kit wants to make her own way, and keep the dj's death peaceful.

The death of this dj caused Kit to dig deeper into her self, and take the important lessons he had given her further. Kit began producing music with the education given to her at the Houston Community College Audio and Recording Program.

Kit's music will soon be heard live, and distributed to the public. Kit has been a practicing dj since 1992 and a performing dj since 1996. She helped throw many events, and has played with the likes of Dj Dan, Dj Irene, Chris Anderson, Kung Fu Pimp, Richard Humpty Vission, Dj Irene, DRC, Dj Heather, Colette, Poly Wog, Sista Stroke, Kathy Russell, Dj Red, and many more...

Past and Present affiliations:

Dance Junkies Productions

Recorded Dreams

Revision Entertainment

Anomaly Entertainment

Mojo Incorporated

Kaos Entertainment 

DaVinci Unlimited

Unlit Productions / The Digi Dollz (Present)

Prohibition Sponsored Performer (Present)

Texas Dance Party Pros (Present)

Audiomatic Productions (Present)

AEC - Austin Electronic Collective (Present)

Massive Intent (Present)